Autism and the Holidays: Our Guide to a Brighter Season

Autism and the Holidays: Our Guide to a Brighter Season

Celebrating the holidays is often a time of joy, love, and excitement for many. However, for families with a child or teen who has autism ...
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A mother works with her son using flashcards at the kitchen table

Life After an Autism Diagnosis: A Comprehensive Guide

If your child is already attending school, you’ll want to inform the teachers about an autism diagnosis. Notifying teachers about ASD will allow your student ...
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Behavior specialist observing a boy staring off rather than playing

Life with Autism: Understanding How Kids Perceive the World 

One of the symptoms of autism is experiencing reality differently than neurotypical individuals, making it challenging to understand life with autism. In this blog, we ...
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ABA insurance coverage

ABA Insurance Coverage in Pennsylvania: Obtaining ABA Care

As the parent of a child or teenager with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), you always want to ensure your neurodivergent loved one is receiving the ...
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Adorable fluffy dog demonstrates the power of animal therapy

Unlocking the Power of Animal Therapy for Autism – ABA Centers of Pennsylvania

While there might not be a one-size-fits-all solution for autism spectrum disorder (ASD), animal therapy for autism has emerged as a powerful source of support ...
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Autism and Eye Contact

Navigating Autism and Eye Contact: 4 Valuable Strategies for Communication

Explore the importance of autism and eye contact, the challenges individuals with ASD face, and effective ABA therapy solutions at ABA Centers of Pennsylvania.
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