Early Autism Intervention

Did you know that for kids with autism, early intervention can have a significant impact? According to recent studies, early intervention can tremendously impact your child’s development, improving communication, social skills, and cognitive ability. It can even prevent some of the more severe behavior that kids diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder may exhibit.

Autism can be diagnosed early, and an intervention is appropriate for kids as young as two. However, interventions can be effective at any age, including later in life. The earlier the intervention, the better the outcome, as it gives kids more time to learn during the pivotal developmental years.

At ABA Centers of Pennsylvania, children with autism receive holistic and compassionate attention. We use the gold standard in autism therapy, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), to teach kids positive behaviors that will help them through school, work, and relationships. Our highly trained and certified therapists are ready to help your loved one grow toward a happy, healthy life.

The Benefits of Early Autism Intervention

There are immense benefits to beginning ABA therapy at an early age. Research has shown that the earlier treatment begins, the better the long-term outcome. Additionally, ABA therapy is the only method for kids of all ages. With a highly tailored, individualized approach, our early intervention program enables your kid to advance at the rate at which they are most comfortable. No matter the challenges they might face, we personalize every program to the needs and objectives of your child. In close collaboration with you, our skilled therapists will develop a plan that enables your kid to realize their full potential.

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