Autism Support Groups in Pennsylvania: 7 Outstanding Options

Autism support groups in Pennsylvania: At a table, a woman is holding up two papers, one with a red face and one with a smiling blue face. A child points to the smiling one.

Autism support groups in Pennsylvania provide vital aid from which individuals on the spectrum greatly benefit. Receiving an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosis can be a challenging experience, and families suddenly have many questions they need answered. What educational resources can I access to improve my child’s outcomes? Is there financial assistance or healthcare options to consider? What does autism care entail? Are there specific spaces designed with autism in mind where my child can play and socialize?

Even information about the particularities of the condition can be beneficial. The role of autism support groups in Pennsylvania is to fill this gap and provide families with the support they need to navigate the world of ASD. At ABA Centers of Pennsylvania, we are leaders in the autism support and awareness movement. We provide top-quality Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy and help individuals learn, achieve, and grow toward independence.

This article is about the many dedicated autism support groups in Pennsylvania that put time and attention into creating opportunities for people on the spectrum. We’ll highlight their vital role in empowering families and individuals affected by autism.

Understanding ASD

Autism is a broad term encompassing many behaviors, some innocuous and often unnoticed, some severe and challenging. The critical thing to know is that ASD is a neurological condition that affects how individuals perceive stimuli and relate to experiences. For example, loud noises and bright lights are more than just a nuisance for people on the spectrum, triggering deep anxiety and overstimulation. The same applies to touch, taste, and smell; someone with ASD might be very hug-adverse.

Among the other identifiable features are problems socializing, understanding the thoughts of others, noticing social cues and contexts, and breaking routines. Some more extreme behaviors include nonverbal or nonspeaking, self-harming, hitting, tantrums, and eloping. A large part of understanding autism is compassion; realizing the challenging behaviors are a way to express needs, wants, and discomforts the best way they can.

Due to the unique and varied circumstances of people on the spectrum, they require individualized support. No two people are the same, and autism support groups in Pennsylvania offer personal advice tailored to the concerns and needs of families.

Support Group Benefits

Generally, support groups provide opportunities that many won’t find or create alone. Their benefits are:

1. Emotional: Dealing with ASD can be an isolating experience, and having someone in your corner who understands and supports you can be helpful and inspiring. Support groups can be a new home and source of strength by fostering connections, volunteering opportunities, and events.

2. Practical: Individuals on the spectrum face many day-to-day and lifetime challenges. Accessing educational resources, learning to navigate and be included in the world, and attaining employment and self-reliance are among them. Autism support groups in Pennsylvania can provide or direct resources that actively help improve lives.

3. Advocacy: Autism awareness has grown due to the efforts of dedicated and compassionate people. Autism-friendly healthcare policies and government attention directly result from many voices joining as one and advocating for inclusion and necessary support.

Autism Support Groups in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is home to many autism support groups, each offering distinct services and resources to cater to the diverse needs of families and individuals on the autism spectrum. This list will mention major ones, but you can find many smaller community events with a quick search. Here are some prominent organizations that have made a significant impact on the autism community:


This organization’s motto is “bringing autism resources together” because they serve as a switchboard connecting families with support groups in their area. On top of providing events touching on every autism issue, from hygiene to job coaching, ASERT also has an impressive county-by-county search of support groups tailored to every need in every zip code. Their online training can also bring you up to speed on topics like self-advocacy, pharmacology, and mental health in ASD.

Autism Connection of Pennsylvania

This nonprofit dedicates itself to answering whatever pressing questions parents or caretakers have about the condition. Their staff offers personal help and advice or can direct you to resources that address your issues. On top of information, Autism Connection of Pennsylvania’s virtual events highlights complex topics like school expulsions and late autism diagnosis.

Autism Society of Northwestern Pennsylvania

Autism Society NWPA provides practical help for families in Crawford, Venango, Erie, and Mercer counties. Among their marquee programs are community training, which partners with businesses and organizations to make their practices inclusive, and employment support, offering many opportunities for those on the spectrum to achieve full or part-time employment. They also fundraise and offer grants upwards of $5,000 to nonprofits invested in autism awareness.

Greater Philadelphia Autism Society

This advocacy organization emphasizes the autonomy and power of individuals on the spectrum as leaders in the autism awareness movement. They believe those with ASD should lead the way regarding treatment, agenda setting, and policy decisions regarding their lives and the community. The Greater Philadelphia Autism Society organizes support groups throughout the state for parents, educators, caregivers, medical professionals, and ASD individuals. They also provide $1,000 grants to organizations and individuals involved in autism advocacy projects.

Autism Speaks – Pennsylvania Chapters

Autism Speaks is the most recognizable name in autism advocacy organization dedicated to promoting autism awareness, research, and support. With country-wide reach, they offer grants, training, toolkits, educational materials, and information on local service providers. Their autism walks are significant fundraising events that help spread the ASD message and bring the autism community together.

Autism Cares Foundation

Based in Southampton, Pennsylvania, the Autism Cares Foundation focuses on enhancing the lives of individuals with autism. Founded in 2007, they organize social events like bowling, arts and crafts, gym visits, parties, dances, and other activities to create community and provide opportunities for friendships to blossom.

Parent to Parent of Pennsylvania

Parent to Parent of Pennsylvania is a statewide organization that connects parents of children with disabilities, including autism, to share experiences and support one another. They call this “matching,” putting you in touch with a family with a similar experience. This mutual support is the cornerstone for lifelong friendships, combatting isolation or hopelessness.

ABA Centers of Pennsylvania and Autism Support

ABA therapy can be life-changing for people on the spectrum and their families. At ABA Centers of Pennsylvania, we provide individualized and impactful ABA therapy, teaching necessary skills that help ASD individuals overcome their challenges and learn new skills. From help with hygiene, daily upkeep, social interaction, academic abilities, and career prospects, ABA is the best way to grow and improve outcomes.

Applied Behavioral Analysis is the gold standard autism therapy supported by decades of research and recognized by healthcare providers. Our team of board-certified medical professionals is the top talent in the field, administering individualized, evidence-based interventions that make a difference. The central tenant of ABA is positive reinforcement, rewarding individuals for healthy behaviors and things they love and enjoy.

Call (844) 444-7496 or message our website to join the rapidly growing ABA Centers of Pennsylvania family and receive the support you need.

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