Autism Diagnosis and Testing

Autism Testing for Your Child

Before your child can begin ABA therapy or Applied Behavior Analysis, they must obtain an official autism spectrum disorder diagnosis from an established professional. ABA Centers of Pennsylvania provides clients with comprehensive autism screening services and testing. These critical services streamline the process of obtaining the diagnosis required to access essential interventions like Applied Behavior Analysis. If you suspect your child is exhibiting symptoms of autism spectrum disorder, developmental delays, disabilities, or a general lack of interaction, we may be able to help.

If you’ve been researching the process of obtaining an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis, you’ve probably come across waitlists that involve months- or years-long waiting periods before your child receives any official testing or a diagnosis. At ABA Centers of Pennsylvania, we focus substantial resources and expertise on the autism diagnosis process to reduce and eliminate wait times. We get families affected by autism the help they need right away.

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Our Four-Step Process for Autism Screening and Testing

1. Reach Out.

Call us for a preliminary consultation to discuss your options for autism testing. Our specialists will listen to your concerns and ask critical questions that screen for autism and help us understand your unique situation. Additionally, we will verify your insurance coverage to determine your benefits and explore available appointments that work around your schedule.

2. Initial Evaluation.

During your appointment, our team of clinicians will meet with you and your child. The tests we employ, like the ADOS-2, considered the industry’s gold standard in autism assessments, are all primarily based on play. Our clinicians always administer the tests in an inviting, friendly setting with a warm demeanor. The standard autism screening appointment involves many features and typically takes two to four hours to complete.

3. Analysis and Critical Review.

Upon the completion of your child’s autism diagnosis appointment, our medical providers will review the results of the evaluation. The review period can take between one and two weeks. Using the data collected, these professionals review patterns and objectives to understand where your child is developmentally and where they may need support.

4. The Diagnosis and Report.

During your follow-up appointment, our experts will share their findings and any diagnosis the evaluation may have yielded. Additionally, you will be provided with a written report and recommendations for therapy, if any.

At ABA Centers of Pennsylvania, we ensure your loved one feels comfortable during the diagnosis process. We take our time and extra care when discussing all results and findings.

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Autism Screening, Testing, and Diagnostic Tools

Currently, no standalone test to diagnose autism exists. Instead, the diagnosis requires a comprehensive approach that considers the child’s developmental and behavioral history in addition to the test results.

In many cases, early intervention ABA therapy can make a profound impact on the developmental outcomes of children with autism, especially between the ages of 2 and 5 years old.

With the appropriate therapy and supportive resources, many children with autism can go on to experience gratifying lives with increased levels of independence. The potential for these positive developmental outcomes makes early detection of autism critical for everybody affected.

Developmental Screening

If you suspect your child may be experiencing developmental delays, it’s essential to consider scheduling a developmental screening right away. Every child should receive a developmental screen at 9,18, and 30 months old. Research shows that 1 in 4 children under six is at risk for a disability or developmental delay, so being proactive is important.

During your child’s developmental screening, you will most likely complete a questionnaire about your child, their history, and behaviors. Your child may also be asked to complete a short test. These mini-assessments will act as data points to understand aspects of your child’s development, like:

  • language
  • movement
  • behavior
  • thinking
  • emotions

Autism Testing

ABA Centers of Pennsylvania employs a variety of testing options:

  • The Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS-2)- is a structured system to evaluate a patient’s social skills, communication, play style, and repetitive behaviors.
  • Autism Diagnostic Interview– this revised test explores a child’s past and current behaviors related to autism.
  • Childhood Autism Rating Scale, Second Edition– This testing approach consists of 15 questions to determine the potential for autism in a child that may have other conditions. This test is essential if the child has a condition that may be confused with autism or experiencing comorbidity (multiple illnesses).
  • Additionally, assessments may be employed to test your child’s hearing, vision, language, motor skills, and cognitive function.

Your ABA Journey with Us

It’s essential to recognize that testing and diagnosis are the first steps on your family’s ABA therapy journey with ABA Centers of Pennsylvania. Through our evidence-based approach and individualized treatment plans tailored to meet your child’s unique needs, you can rely on us to be there through any challenges they may face.

For more information about our ABA therapy and autism diagnosis services, contact (844) 444-7496 to schedule a free consultation with one of our experts.

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