ABA Centers of Pennsylvania at Sensory Fit Gym: Autism-Friendly Fun

Sensory fit gym: A smiling girl is stretching, reaching for her toes on the floor.

ABA Centers of Pennsylvania proudly presents a special event at the renowned Sensory Fit Gym. Scheduled for November 2nd, from 5:30 to 7:30 PM, this gathering promises an unforgettable experience for families seeking support, connection, and a nurturing environment for their children.

At the forefront of autism therapy, ABA Centers of Pennsylvania is the premier Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy provider. With a commitment to excellence and compassion, our services have become the gold standard in autism treatment, offering a guarantee to teach children incredible skills that can transform their lives.

Within the Exton Square Mall is Sensory Fit Gym, a state-of-the-art indoor facility thoughtfully designed with the unique sensory needs of children on the spectrum in mind. This gym provides a safe and inclusive space where children can explore, play, and grow, surrounded by features that consider the specific difficulties some kids may experience.

We invite anyone who wants to join the ABA Centers of Pennsylvania family for the most fun you can have in an autism-friendly place, and we’ve even thrown in special perks to reduce any barriers to entry.

Key event details include:

Date and Time: November 2nd, from 5:30 to 7:30 PM, for an evening of fun and connection.

Who Can Come: Anyone! Although the event is for kids on the spectrum, they can bring their siblings and friends. Parents can stay too and watch their kids have fun or chat with each other and our team.

Pricing: The first 15 kids, aged 1-8, get in entirely free. For additional children, it is $20 per child and $15 for siblings, ensuring an affordable and accessible experience for all.

Non-Slip Socks: Since there will be running, sliding, and hanging, Sensory Fit Gym requires non-slip socks for all guests. However, we will provide those free of cost. For your convenience, we’ll also have refreshments!

Location: The second floor of the Exton Square Mall at 226 Exton Square Park, Pennsylvania. You can park at the North Entrance/Macy’s for easy access.

Recognizing Sensory Issues

As autism awareness grows, so does the recognition that kids on the spectrum need spaces to thrive. ASD is a neurological condition affecting how individuals see and feel the world. The intake process for information of every sense, touch, smell, taste, hearing, and sight, is different. Loud sounds, uncomfortable clothing, unfamiliar food textures, hugging, and bright lights can induce anxiety and, at best, be highly distracting for kids diagnosed with autism.

Out of this truth arises the need for sensory-friendly spaces and events. For example, movie theaters and bowling alleys with dimmer lighting and reduced sound. Special days at theme parks with reduced crowds or shorter wait times for neurodivergent kids also help. This principle informs the mission of Sensory Fit Gym, and they strive to provide everything that ASD kids need to explore their interests and have fun without being overwhelmed.

Sensory Fit Gym

This gym is a genuinely welcoming place. It’s spacious, and every corner has toys or other gadgets kids might love. The soft, padded floors ensure any falls or pirouettes are safe and fun. Scattered throughout are playsets for your kids to enjoy. There is a rock wall, a ball pit, swings, hanging bars, ladders, balls, a cornhole set, a bounce house, slides, cushions, and many other games for your kids to explore. The creative-minded can pick up chalk and head to the board to leave their mark.

Since kids can get rowdy and overstimulated, there are also calm rooms if they need a break. These sensory rooms have low blue lighting, soft chairs, and several toys kids can squish, throw, or fidget with to work out jitters and decompress. Staff is always present and careful, ensuring an inclusive environment for everyone.

Sensory Fit Gym is more of what the autism community needs. The thoughtfully arranged space highlights that with compassion and care, we can create community and give our children every opportunity to socialize and be themselves.

ABA Centers of Pennsylvania Welcomes You

It’s never too late to learn about the fantastic benefits of ABA therapy and what it can do for your family. Applied Behavior Analysis is individualized and tailored to your child’s unique talents and areas where they need help. It’s evidence-based, with board-certified behavioral experts monitoring your child’s progress and learning and adjusting their strategies to what works best. The central tenant of ABA is positive reinforcement; as your child grows in unprecedented ways, they receive more of what they love.

Ultimately, we all want the best for our kids: a great school experience, meaningful friendships, close relationships, a career, and happiness. ABA therapy can help get them there, building the foundation for independence session by session. With services in King of Prussia, Philadelphia, and outlying areas, we are helping kids on the spectrum achieve their goals and leading the way in forging autism communities.

Call (844) 444-7496 or contact us through our website for more information.

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